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Lead Paint Clean Up Brisbane

Lead based paint clean up​ for properties in the Greater Brisbane Region.

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Lead-based paint chips falling off a home can contaminate soil and cause a health hazard.

An example of lead paint chips falling off an external surface into a backyard

Lead paint clean up is a service we offer to ensure that all lead-based paint has been safely removed from your home. Occasionally, contractors or homeowners unfamiliar with the hazards of lead-based paint or who have not adequately tested for lead may have completed work on your home without safely disposing of the lead paint. If they haven’t sufficiently prepared the site to remove hazardous lead-based dust, it can be dangerous for you and your family, as well as your neighborhood.
At Surepaint, we offer a lead paint clean up service. The service cleans up the site by removing dust and paint scrapings, ensuring the area is safe and free from hazardous lead particles.
As part of the service, we undertake an assessment which includes an initial hygienist report, identifying the extent of the damage caused. This hygienist report helps us determine the correct course of action to resolve the issue and talk you through a detailed plan of action.
The clean up plan we offer is typically approved in consultation with Workplace Health & Safety Queensland. A Health & Safety representative is likely responsible for halting the work on the home, possibly because of a formal complaint regarding the safety concerns of the project. Once all parties approve the plan, we can begin the cleanup to ensure the site is safe.

Lead Paint Clean Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Exposure to lead-based paint can cause lead poisoning. Typically, lead poisoning can build up in a person’s body over months or even years, and even minor amounts of exposure can lead to significant health problems.

Children under six are particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning, as exposure can seriously affect their physical and mental development, often impacting their brain and nervous system. Pregnant women should also take extra care given the risk to the development of unborn babies, particularly in the early stages of pregnancy.

Lead poisoning may even be fatal depending on the level of exposure.

Read more about health risks of lead paint exposure before hiring us as your lead paint removal company in Brisbane.

When it comes to lead paint, lead usually ends up in someone’s body in one of two ways. It can be by consuming paint chips, which can be an issue with young children, given how frequently they put things in their mouths. Or through the air, which usually occurs when sanding back paint without proper safety precautions.

Other sources of lead exposure can come from contaminated water or soil. People who regularly work with batteries, undertake home renovations or work in automotive repair shops can also be exposed to lead. It’s possible to treat lead poisoning, but we cannot reverse its effects. Taking precautions to minimize any exposure to lead is a far better alternative.

Yes, you can stay in your home while we remove the lead-based paint from your home. Our team will cover all window and door openings on your home to ensure no risk of contamination entering your property. Our professional team also aims to keep any disruption to you at a minimum throughout the process. For more information about our lead paint encapsulation service in Brisbane, please feel free to contact us.

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