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We appreciate that removing lead paint professionally doesn’t necessarily come cheap, but at Surepaint we aim to keep our pricing as transparent as possible so that you can help manage your budget accordingly. Being a professional house paint removal company in Brisbane, we also want to emphasize to all of our clients the dangers of DIY with removing lead paint. There are many health risks associated with lead poisoning that cannot be reversed. Using a professional to manage the process ensures that you and your family, as well as your neighbors, are safe from the hazards of inhaling lead.

If you’re considering repainting or renovating your home, it’s important to identify if your home contains lead-based paint before you start any work that may lead to being exposed to lead. If your home was built pre-1978, then it’s likely it will contain lead. While in some cases this might not be an issue, if the paint is still in good condition, it’s pretty likely, given the elements in Queensland, that there will be some form of paint damage. This means the lead-based paint needs to be removed safely, before you can repaint.

lead paint abatement
wall with severe flaking and peeling

Before we begin work on any project, we offer an obligation-free quote, where one of our experienced tradesmen will visit your project site and conduct a thorough assessment. As part of this process, we’ll determine the right approach for your property and talk you through the various options available. This way you can ask us any questions about the process. We can also organize a test to be undertaken at this stage, which helps us to work out how many chemical coats are likely to be required to remove the lead paint. This stage is also a good chance for you to get a good understanding of how the lead paint removal service works to make sure you’re fully comfortable before we proceed.

We also understand that you’re likely to seek multiple quotes, as with any major purchase, before deciding on the right supplier for your project. When you’re shopping around for quotes, make sure you look for a provider that follows the approach approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). At Surepaint, we only use recommended methods and products, and all of our team follow best-practice procedures to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

When you’re sourcing quotes, also remember to ask suppliers about their level of safety protocols, particularly including how they remove the lead-based paint and how they dispose of it, to ensure the safety of you and your family. Our process is thorough and we’re happy to run through this in more detail with you if you have questions. Our team that works on lead removal client projects follows strict protocols to keep everyone healthy.

Depending on which approach is the right choice for your project, your costs can vary. While the cost for chemical removal and wet sanding is the same rate at $130 per square metre, these costs can double if we need to do an additional layer when using the chemical removal option. The size of your home is obviously another factor and the amount of paint affecting your property that we’ll need to remove.

Let’s consider a couple of examples, including potential costs for full removal of the entire external walls of a home, along with partial removal. Many times, we don’t need to remove paint from an entire property. It is typical for us to remove paint from only certain areas of our client’s homes and other areas we can either paint over or use a special primer.

typical example of chemical removal set up

Example 1 – Chemical removal of entire external walls

Your house is a smaller post-war home of 150 square metres. The recommended option is full chemical removal to the entire external walls because of significant paint damage to the entire property. If chemical removal requires one full coat at $130 per square metre.

The total cost, inclusive of all fees, would be around $19,500.

Lead paint removal Brisbane - Surepaint

Example 2 – Wet sanding to entire external walls

You own an average size typical Queenslander that is 150 square metres. All the external walls are showing signs of significant paint damage and we recommend using a wet sander to remove the lead paint along with chemical removal of windows, door frames etc.

The total cost inclusive of all fees would be estimated around $25,000.

Lead paint removal

Example 3 – Wet sanding to only a partial area

Your house has some partial paint damage that requires removal due to it being an older home and containing lead-based paint. The total area that needs removal is approximately 150 square metres.

The total cost for the wet sanding the area would be around $8,000

These examples show that, depending on several factors, the costs can vary significantly. If you’re considering repainting or renovating and you own a home that was built before 1978, contact our Brisbane lead paint encapsulation team today to organise a free quote. We can help you work out how much you need to budget for lead paint removal for your home or renovation.

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Our team brings many years of experience working on projects across the Greater Brisbane area. Their experience means they’ve seen it all when it comes to removing lead-based paint and can recommend the best way to effectively remove lead paint from your home.

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At Surepaint, we’ve established strict safety protocols that our team follows to ensure that all work undertaken on your project safely removes lead-based paints. Both our removal options include preparing surfaces to reduce the risk of dust escaping into your property and yard.

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Our qualified team follows all recommendations outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection when removing lead-based paints for all of our projects.

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We work closely with our customers to provide a personalised experience that aims to keep you and your family safe. All of the lead paint we remove from your surfaces are taken off-site as part of our thorough clean up process.

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While it can be impossible to completely remove all traces of lead-based paints if the paint has seeped into the timber of your home, at Surepaint we guarantee to remove up to 90% of all lead paint on your property to keep you and your loved ones safe.